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The 5 top-selling NFL jerseys: Hint, they re all QBs. But are Trevor and Tua on the list?

These are the five top-selling NFL jerseys so far this season, according to Fantatics.com, the NFL s e-commerce partner.
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen
Kind of a surprise considering the Buffalo metro area has only about 1.1 million people, but anyone who has been to Buffalo can smell the fans  desperation for a winner, and it s as aromatic as a chunky Buffalo chicken wing from the Anchor Bar. Appearing in four Super Bowls with no wins just amplifies that desperation. And Allen has given reason for Upstate New York folks to be optimistic: as a starter, he s led the Bills to its first 10-win season since 1999, then followed that up by leading Buffalo to its first division title and playoff win since 1995.
New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones
Tom who? Cam who? Janet Jackson said it best: "What have you done for me lately?" In the case of Tom Brady and the recently released Cam Newton, not much. So Patriot Nation is all-in on moving on. When Tom led the Pats to six Super Bowls, his jersey was always among the top sellers. When Cam Ied a very mediocre Pats team last season, his jersey was among the top sellers. What s all this tell us about jersey sales? Who knows. Maybe New Englanders just need a lot of layers in the winter months.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady
I guess the only surprise here is that "old" Tom is No. 3. What else can you do to make No. 1 if winning seven Super Bowls (including last year) isn t enough? Then again, the 44-year-old Tom s most fervent fan base likely are members of  AARP and no matter what the occasion, a 55-year-old wearing an NFL jersey is a bit, eh, ... we ll leave it at that.

BTW, for fun s sake, what was the Billboard No.1 song in 1977, the year Tom was born? Hint, there s a South Florida connection ...
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields
Another crazy, devoted fan base that gets further and further away from its way-old glory days and its only Super Bowl win in 1986. Those Walter Payton and Dick Butkus jerseys do wear out after a while. And Chi-town fans see a winning future with the exciting Fields, whose last name works well at their home stadium (Soldier Field).
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Mmmm. Is the magic starting to slide already for Mahomes, the Super Bowl-winning MVP from two years ago? Doubtful. Chances are more likely that too many people already have Mahomes  jersey, since it s been the top-selling jersey for much of the past two years. 
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawerence
The Hair is all the rage in Duval County and the No. 1 pick in the draft likely will make an impact this year in some way. But it usually all depends on the Ws so if they start adding up, so will his jersey sales.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa
Rumors swirled in the off-season around the Dolphins possibly looking at Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, which tells you pretty much why Tua s not on the list.

But see above (re: Trevor). If Tua starts wracking up some victories, it won t be long before the sales of his jersey reach the actual number on his jersey,

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